So you want to start shopify drop shipping, but you’re wondering how much money does it take to actually get started and to start making money? That’s. A fantastic question in this article i’ll, be breaking down exactly how much it’s, going to cost you to start a successful shopify drop shipping business as well as an overall e-commerce, business and brand, and i’m Going to cover a list of the most essential apps that you’re, going to need, as well as the optional apps, as well, just as extras, like literally everything, facebook ads, influencer marketing photography.

I’ve, been living and breathing e-commerce for the past several years, and i’ve sold millions of dollars in physical products online across a variety of different brands, and it’s. What i do every single day like i’m in it, and it’s. Not just me. I’ve grown an amazing team of several multi-million dollar ecommerce sellers who are also um growing their own businesses and brands, who have also have their own products as well.

The most recent brand that i’ve, been involved with, is called bro day. You can actually take a look. We’ve, recently hit 50k a month on amazon and a valuation of over a million dollars by clearbank, and we’re growing every single day throughout this article i’m, also going to be giving you three different budget Levels that you can follow, and it will give you a great idea on how much it’s, going to cost to start your business, whether you’re on a low budget, a medium budget or on a higher budget.

So, to start off, first of all, we ‘ Ve got the shopify plan and there’s, a variety of different e-commerce providers that you can use there’s. Shopify there’s, big commerce. There’s woocommerce there’s magento, but by far the number one e-commerce website builder is definitely shopify.

Shopify has the largest market share. I’ve built all of my shopify stores on shopify and will continue to do so. You know as long as shopify remains as good as it is uh. They basically make it as easy as it can possibly be almost drag and drop.

You know with a few plugins, you can really make it drag and drop, and it just makes the experience so easy and so user friendly. So i highly recommend shopify. Of course, you can use one of the other ones that i mentioned, but honestly without a doubt, shopify is the absolute best.

It’s used by all the most successful ecommerce stores in the world, and you should also definitely consider using shopify for your store. So how much does shopify cost shopify costs 29 a month for the basic plan? It does come with a 14 day Free trial.

So if you’re only selling in the us or in one country, you don’t need to worry about that and if you want that option, uh honestly, there’s, a lot of different plugins and apps that do That as well like shopify, has an amazing app store on the platform.

There are tons of different apps and i’m going to talk about that as well. All the most essential apps that you do need to actually get started and grow a successful ecommerce business now after shopify.

The next thing will be your domain. So what a domain is it’s? Basically your website. So when you are going to be opening your shopify store, obviously you need to purchase a website. You need to purchase a domain and that’s, going to be, for example, www., which is the domain of one of my brands and for your domain. That’s, going to cost you about 20 to 50 if the domain is available. So a lot of domains online, of course, are taken. For example, you can’t, just go and buy because it’s, obviously taken by google.

It’s, the ones that i use. I don’t use anything else. Namecheap is okay as well. I’ll include that one in there, too, just gives you some flexibility, but it’s, going to cost you between 20 and 50. for your domain per year.

Now. One other thing that you absolutely need is an ssl certificate and that usually costs money, but if you decide to go with shopify, which is what i recommend uh as i recommended earlier, then that actually comes included with an ssl certificate.

What an ssl certificate is is basically, i’m sure that you’ve. Seen this when you’re online and you go on a website and it says be careful. This website may be stealing your information. That’s because they don’t, have a valid ssl certificate and so shopify comes with an ssl certificate.

If you look at the pricing list and what’s included in each plan, it actually comes in all the plans. Now the next expense, when you’re starting off your shopify drop shipping store, are going to be your product units now again with your product units.

Since we’re, doing drop shipping, you are not buying in bulk. So, just a quick refresher here: what is drop? Shipping drop shipping? Just you know. If we’re, going to bring it back to the basics here, uh.

Basically, what that means that allows you to start selling products. You can open a website start a shopify uh put up a product on there, make a listing uh, make a sales page and then basically start selling your product without actually having to buy any units up front.

And then, as you get customers buying from you, you can then uh basically send that money to your supplier. You know you can pay your supplier and then you pocket the profit and your supplier will directly send the units to your customers.

So because we’re drop shipping you don’t actually have to buy any units up front, meaning that you know you. Don’t have to place any inventory orders uh, typically as you would with something like amazon or in a traditional retail business.

So you don’t have to put up 500 or a thousand dollars or more to actually purchase those units up front. However, i do want to mention something very, very important uh. The strategy that i’ve developed that i’ve made the most amount of money with shopify is called brand drop shipping, and this is a strategy that you see all around youtube.

Now, literally, every single youtuber talks about it and it’s, something that i created myself. I come from an amazon background that’s where i started and then when i actually got into shopify. This was about 2018.

When i got into shopify, i realized that there were a few issues with uh dropshipping in the traditional drop shipping model. So if you don’t place, any inventory orders up front. What’s going to happen? Is that your logo, there’s, going to be no logo on the product and the customer is going to be receiving something that looks like it? Just came out of the factory, and you know i myself if i order from a reputable store, if i get a product and it looks like it just came out of a chinese factory or any factory for that matter, it just looks cheap um.

You know, obviously, that’s, uh not going to be the most uh. The best thing for me for the customer and i’m – not going to feel so good that i just paid 50 for something that even potentially could have um.

You know the factory’s, marketing materials on it, because something that sometimes that even happens with drop shipping, and so that’s. Why? I recommend drop shipping only for the very beginning of your store and then once you prove concept once you’ve actually demonstrated that uh.

You know you’re making sales and you’re making profit. Then you can go ahead and place an inventory order, and that way you can get your logo on the product. You can get your um. You know your product, you can start offering like two to three day shipping with it uh either from your own house.

If you’re in the u.s or canada or selling in the country that you live in or you can use a third-party fulfillment warehouse or you can use amazon fba, that’s, getting a little bit complicated. We have to worry about that, but just understand that when you’re getting started, you do have the option of drop shipping.

You know just understand that, obviously, the shipping time won’t be super fast and there’s. Going to be no logo on the product, you can try to get a logo on the product. I always recommend doing that.

Since we are drop shipping at the beginning, we don’t have to worry about unit cost, because we only need to think about unit costs once we actually make money from the customer.

So after we’ve run the ads. You know. After the customer’s already paid us that’s when we have to think about okay, like now, we actually need to you know, pay some of that money to our supplier, and then the supplier will ship the product right.

So first we get the money. Then we give it to the supplier that’s. Why drop shipping is good so because of that product units it’s. Zero, because you don’t need that up front okay, uh next sample samples are very, very important with drop shipping with any commerce business.

I always get a sample whenever i am thinking of launching a new product. Whenever i’m doing product research and just you know exploring new product ideas, so what is a sample? Well, basically, it’s, going to be your product, like an actual unit of your product, shipped to your house, from your supplier that you found and you could have found the supplier in alibaba, aliexpress or any website online really and so your sample.

You can actually ask your supply for a sample. They’re, going to ship it to you, and once it comes to your house, then you can actually look at the sample and you can test it and you can really judge the quality and so that’s.

Why? I always recommend getting at least two to three samples. Definitely honestly, three not even two from three different suppliers and then you can choose out of those three which one is the best one, and so your sample is usually going to cost much more than your unit of your product will cost.

When you’re actually drop shipping, and when you’re ordering in a bulk down the line and that’s because it’s just more expensive to order samples just to make one unit. You know. Potentially, you can even ask for your logo to be included on the sample, maybe even on the product.

Some suppliers will work with you and they’ll drop ship with your logo on the product. They can do that sometimes as well as long as you ask them, and so for your samples. You’re, looking at anywhere between fifty dollars to two hundred dollars, depending on the number of samples you get.

Of course, you know i’m, giving a range because it’s up to you entirely how much this business will cost, but it’s, definitely going to cost you at least 50 like that’s, just How much a sample is going to be at the bare minimum and that’s? Money that you do need up front.

The next expense is your product photography, and this is where it gets kind of expensive. The reason why it gets expensive is because you know, obviously you want to have a professional. You want to have professional, looking photos.

You want to have photos on your website on your shopify store that look incredible right, because if your photos are not good, if you just go and do the classic beginner mistake of taking pictures from the alibaba website or the aliexpress website for the product, you’re not going to convert, you’re, not going to basically make any sales, and so what’s? The point of doing all this, if you’re, not going to make any sales so that’s, why product photography have been great, looking photos, lifestyle photos, photos on a white background photos of the product and use photos of the the Products, packaging and everything like that are so so so important and so for your product photography.

You’re, looking at an expensive between 500 and 2 000, depending on the level of photographer that you hire now. I actually have this service called the econ freedom, perfect photo service, so my company econ freedom.

It is an option to you and honestly, five hundred dollars for amazing product photos is on the low side. Um. Believe me, if you really look around you’re gonna find on upwork or five or anywhere else it’s.

Gon na be more expensive. You know, when all is said and done, especially if you, if you need a model for your product, it’s, going to be more expensive and that’s, where it can really hit a thousand dollars, two thousand dollars.

You know honestly um, you know if you you can buy one of those um it’s called like a mini photo studio on amazon. I actually have one of these, and so basically it just lets you um.

It gives you, like a white background to take pictures of your product uh and it’s super simple, so you can try that yourself, first uh and you can buy that photo studio and you can do it. However, i recommend at least having a good quality iphone like one of the later models uh.

They have amazing cameras, so it should be good and then you can also maybe find a friend who has like um a dslr camera or a mirrorless camera, and you can maybe you know, work out a deal with your friend uh.

You know help him out or help her out or maybe just pay and it might be discounted so that’s, also an option available to you. If you, if these options are not available to you, then i recommend just going with perfect photos all right, so the next expense will be your influencer marketing, so influencer marketing.

Basically, we’re, going to be um, getting influencers on instagram uh to be promoting our products. Instagram is by far the most powerful out of all the other influencer marketing platforms. Simply because um you know, people on instagram are used to getting marketed products, and so it’s.

Just you know it’s, the one that we found the most success with uh. You have other options as well, like tick tock. Of course, but that’s like a little bit newer so for influencer marketing, you’re, looking at a budget of between 500 and a thousand dollars, and the reason why it’s.

So expensive is because what you want to do. This is the best strategy. By far you want to send out units to micro influencers that uh. These are basically people with like under 10 000 followers, and you basically want to send them a dm, and you want to you know from your brand page, your brand instagram page, and you want to offer them to send them a unit and just be like hey.

You know if you like it, you know, make a post, um and uh. You know just basically talk about it with your followers. Only if you like it obviously um, and that way you don’t – have to pay these micro influencers, because these people, they’re, not so used to getting paid for their posts uh because they’re, like you know, They don’t have that many followers, whereas somebody with like 50k 100k followers.

They’re right away, going to ask for money. They’re, going to ask for at least you know, 500 thousand dollars, and so the reason why i put 500 to a thousand dollars for influencer marketing is because uh let’s, say you send out about 30 units of product to Micro influencers that’s, i would say the bare minimum so sending out to 30 different micro influencers.

You know that’s, going to cost you at least a few hundred in unit costs themselves right, depending on the unit cost of your product, so just to be safe. You know for your launch for a successful launch.

We’ll, put 500 to a thousand dollars for influencer marketing. Now the next expense will be your facebook ads. So facebook ads still by far remain the best way to um. You know get a shopify store up and running and actually start making sales, and the reason for that is just because of the amazing targeting on facebook, as well as the fact that everybody’s on facebook and facebook ads just work for e-commerce uh.

So for facebook ads, i recommend allocating a budget of about 50 a day uh for testing in the learning stage. So at the very beginning. Obviously, when you first launch your cold ads, they’re called cold ads, meaning that they’re.

Going to be you’re, going to be targeting cold interests. You know. If you’re, let’s, say you’re selling like uh pet products. You’re, going to be targeting on facebook. You know people with dogs or people with cats or people with pets, and so in that learning stage that’s, where you’re, really going to be looking for interests that work, you’re, going to be learning for Targeting that works well for your ads and you’re, going to be testing different ads, and so for that, when i’m, actually testing new facebook ads.

I look for a return of at least three to five times three to five x row as and so fifty dollars a day will typically allow you to run about uh. Five different ad sets uh of like ten dollars a day for each ad set.

So, like you know, for each interest right, you can do five interest ten dollars a day, fifty dollars a day, and that works out to being about. If you do 50 for about a week for dollars a day that’s about 350 for a week and 700 over two weeks now again you’re, making sales you’re, not just like throwing money away.

You know the point is to make sales and to make a three to five x return on ad spend so um. You know, at the end of the day, you wan na monitor that you wan na make sure that you’re spending. What you can afford, but one thing to understand, is in the very beginning uh it will be.

You know your marketing spend, will um not be super optimal, just because you’re in the learning stage, and once you get past the learning stage of your facebook ads that’s. When everything’s going to even out – and you’re, only going to be running ads that are profitable for you and you’re, going to really figure out.

Okay, like you know, targeting people with cats works, but targeting people with dogs, doesn’t really work that well – and you know maybe targeting women 18 to 35 works well for my brand, but targeting men, you know 65 plus doesn’t.

Really work right. So after learning stage you’re, going to know that and then your ads are going to be very optimized. So those are the most essential expenses and, like i mentioned previously, shopify has an amazing app store with tons of apps on it, and i’m going to talk about the most essential apps that i think every single store absolutely needs, and i’m also going to talk about some add-on apps that are also very, very useful, so the first app that’s essential is going to be a frequently asked questions app.

So this will allow you to create a section on your site that will show frequently asked questions that your customers might have, and this will really improve your conversion rate on your store uh. What’s, a conversion rate? Basically it’s.

Going to be the ratio of visitors to buyers on your page and so the higher your conversion rate, the better, basically the more money that you make so for your faq app. You can just type in on the shopify app store and it’s.

Apps.Shopify.Com just type in faq and there’s. A ton of different options here like help center, is one of my favorites um again, you know there’s, so many apps on here you can choose different ones, but, like i said, help center is great for that and for an faq app.

You’re, looking at typically between five and twenty dollars a month, so most of these apps they come with a monthly like fee. There’s, going to be some free apps, but almost all the ones that i’m. Going to recommend you know almost all the useful apps on the app store they’re, going to come with a monthly fee.

However, they also do come with a generous free trial. Usually it’s between 7 and 14 days. So, for example, for help center. If we click here, we can see that there’s, a free plan available 14 day free trial, and so even if you don’t want to pay, you know to get started.

Basically, it’s, going to be free for unlimited questions and answers, a search bar and things like that, and then, if you want some additional features, it’s, going to be between five and thirty dollars a month.

Now the next app that you absolutely need is gonna be a product review app. So if i go on the app store type in product reviews, uh there’s, gonna be a few different ones on here, so one of the most popular ones is luke’s.

That’s, one that i’ve used extensively, so that’s, an option 14 day free trial and if we uh look at the plan here, it’s 9.99. After that, and there’s. Different plans, of course, if you scroll down, you can see like 100 monthly review request emails, 10, 500, 30, and it goes up from there.

One of the other very popular review. Apps is called stamped. As you can see, this one is a higher higher level review. App so this one has a free plan available three day free trial, and then, if you scroll down, you can also see the different plans available here now.

One thing i want to briefly mention is that you know you don’t have to like you. Don’t have to pay for an expensive plan at the beginning, like you can get away with free trials or free plans for most of these, or maybe the basic plan at the very maximum you don’t need premium.

You don’t need business or anything like that, and you have to understand like if you’re paying 23 a month here. You’re, getting 200 orders a month right and if you’re, not getting 200 a month, then you’re, not paying 23.

A month, 200 orders a month times a 30 product right. That’s. About 6 000 in sales, so at that point you already have a successful store up and running. So you know don ‘ T worry about uh that these, like all these apps cost so much money right.

Obviously it’s. Gon na you know come out of your sales once you’re making sales, so the next app you’re gonna absolutely need is gonna, be an email, marketing app, so email marketing remains the best way to follow up with Your customers and also basically promote new products and things like that.

Um and just you know, build an email list. An email list is still the number one asset of any business um in my opinion, and i think it’s. Well-Known fact. At this point uh, you know just because email’s not going anywhere.

You know people use email, it’s like their virtual mailbox, and you know it’s, just very good for business, so uh having a customer list. Super powerful uh, you do need an email marketing app, so you just type in email marketing on shopify, the one that i recommend is clavio.

It’s, the one that we’ve got installed on broad day. It’s. The one that i have the most amount of extensive experience with so if we go on clavio it’s, gonna be free to install and then, if we scroll down, we can see here that it’s, free up to an Email list of 250 contacts and then above that it’s, going to be 20 a month and the final app in the apps that i think are essential that you absolutely need is going to be sms bump.

So sms bump super powerful app. It’s, amazing, it’s, the same thing as the email marketing app, except instead of emails uh. Basically, it’s, sms and mms marketing. So you follow up with your subscribers via text message super useful for like abandoned cards and and um.

You know just following up with your customers in that way. Um, you know, with all my stores i’ve, had a crazy, crazy, roi using sms bump, and so, if you go down, you can see it’s free to install, and then it costs 1.

5 cents per text message in the us. So, to give you an estimate of pricing, it’s between zero dollars, so free up to about 30 a month. Obviously the more text you send, the more it’s going to cost you, but believe me, you’re.

Going to get a crazy roi with this app like crazy ridiculous, i used it very recently. We don’t, have it installed yet on broad day and that’s just because we haven’t gotten around to it. But i used it very recently and got like literally like a 9000 x, roi, so very, very powerful, so those are all the most essential apps.

Now let’s. Talk about the optional apps that i think you should still very, very much consider installing on your store. The first optional app is gonna, be a customer service, uh app, so uh, the one that i prefer is called gorgeous or georgias um.

Honestly, they really didn’t really make the name too easy. I think it’s like they named it after a greek philosopher or something, but it’s gorgeous. I couldn’t figure this out for the longest time there you go, it has a seven day free trial.

What this allows you to do is it’s like a it’s. Basically, a customer portal, a customer service portal, and it allows you to keep track of all your customer service tickets, and it just makes everything really organized it’s, something that’s, much more useful.

When you actually um. You know start growing your store when you’re starting out honestly, you can just make it gmail um. Of course you want it to be with like your domain in it. So you know what we have like support.

Broday.Co. You know you can do that through g suite through google and that’s. Gon na cost you some money as well, and i forgot about that one almost for a custom email uh through g suite it’s. Gon na cost you, i think it’s about two to five dollars a month and, like i think, as you add, every single team member you know once you hire your team member is going to cost you more than that.

It’s about like five dollars a month we’ll, say nothing significant, so that’s, going to be your custom email and then, through that you know, you can start off without using a customer service tool like gorgeous Or georgis, but once you start growing your store it’s, something i highly recommend um.

The plan for this is on the higher side but, like i said it’s, something that i recommend uh when you’re, actually making money. This is 60 a month, uh for up to 350 tickets per month and then above that it’s 300 and then 750.

Obviously you know once you’re, doing a lot of volume on your store. Like 6 000 tickets, 2. 000 tickets – the next optional app that i recommend is going to be a pre-order app. So if you type in pre-order on shopify, you’ll, see a bunch of different uh pre-ordering apps right, so this is pre-order manager.

So pre-orderly is the one that i’ve used. I’ve, also used pre-order manager and essentially what they do. Is they allow you to set up a pre-order on your page? So let’s say you started your page and everything got the photos up.

Website is ready and let’s say that you wan na you know let ‘ S say that you ordered in bulk. Maybe you’re, not drop shipping uh, and you want to allow your your customers to pre-order your product before it arrives.

Well, you can use this app and then you can basically set up like a pre-order um page and it’s. Gon na allow them to easily pre-order the product. Now, of course, if you’re drop shipping you don’t need a pre-order app, so this one is optional.

Now the next app i recommend is lucky orange, and this one is really great. What lucky orange does it actually allows you to basically see exactly where your customers are clicking on your site and exactly what their behavior is on your website? So it’s very useful for seeing what your customers are doing on your store.

You know maybe um why they abandon the car right, so it’s very good for figuring out the parts of your store that need improvement. That could use improvement and things like that so lucky orange. This one has a free plan available, seven day free trial and if you scroll down to the plans here, we can see it’s, free up to 500 page views a month and then up to 25 000 it’s, 10 dollars A month, and then it goes up from there now the next app that i recommend this one’s optional, but it really makes your website building experience so much easier.

This one is called gem pages, so gem pages remember. I said that shopify with a few plugins, it really becomes an easy, drag and drop experience, and so, with gem pages, that’s exactly what um you know what shopify uh becomes once you install this so uh.

This actually allows you to basically turn shop into like a drag and drop page building experience and it’s, something that uh is so so useful because you know 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. If you wanted to build a store like this, you just couldn’t.

Do it in drag and drop you had to like hire development team, you’d, spend thousands of dollars to hire a software developer and a coder, or you had to learn the stuff yourself, which is incredibly tedious.

Like honestly myself, i hate coding – and i just always outsource that you know just you know, do i always go by this uh mantra. Do what you do best outsource everything else. You know let someone else who’s good at it.

Do that uh. So gem pages highly recommend it. So this app is gonna be uh fifty dollars a month up to thirty dollars a month, and this one comes with a ten day free trial. Now the next step, i recommend this one is optional, but super super useful.

This one is going to be your one click upsell app and the one that i recommend for that is zipify ocu, one quick upsell. So this allows you to increase your aov. So what aov is, is your average order value on your site and one of the best ways of you know, being a more profitable store is by increasing your average order value so either increasing the number of units your you know, your one customer buys or increasing The number of products each customer buys, so this allows you to basically install like an upsell or a cross-sell uh.

You know when your customer is about to purchase. You know they’re, going to get an upsell like hey. Would you be interested in this product at this discount? So this is also something that i recommend this one’s going to be 30 day it’s.

Gon na have a 30 day free trial and it’s. Uh 24.99 per month for your plan after the free trial, the next app that i recommend is going to be called sticky, add to cart. So what this allows you to do is uh.

It allows you to install a sticky, add to cart button uh on your website and why that’s very useful is basically it lets you like so uh. It makes it easier for the customer to actually you know, add to cart at any time when they’re on your website, and it just overall increases the conversion on your store.

The conversion rate so highly recommend this app. This one is optional, six dollars, 92 cents, seven day free trial for this one and then the last optional app that i recommend and honestly i highly recommend this: it’s, going to be an order tracking app like you need uh, some kind of A way for your customers to be able to track their order, uh and obviously, with the vast amount of shipping carriers in the world, like the hl, fedex ups and not to mention all the other ones that are local to each country.

You really need a system on your website that will allow your customers to easily check where their order is, and so for that you want to type in tracking on shopify. You can see all the ones here and the one that i recommend is going to be called tractor order tracking, so this one has a 14 day free trial 5.

99 cents per month, and so this allows you to install like a real-time uh tracking portal on your Site so that way people can track wherever their packages around the globe, so that’s it for the apps. Now let’s, break down three different levels of starting budget where we’re going to basically do it like a low budget, a medium budget and then a higher budget, which that way, you can see exactly.

We’re, going to be able to afford what you’re, going to be able to do with each level of budget. So for the first budget for your low budget, i’m, going to call this the like. Basically doing this on the cheap um, you know bootstrapping for this one.

We’re going to include the sample. We’re, going to say 50, so you’re, going to order one sample the domain name. We’re, going to say 20 facebook ads. We’re, going to say 50 a day, because really you can honestly you can go below that.

But honestly, it’s, going to be very difficult to really start pushing your your website and start making sales. If you go under 50 a day just because think about it right for your ad set uh. If you are going to be setting it at ten dollars a day, you know, and you’re, going to be doing one interest for ten dollars a day.

If you only have a 30 a day budget, you can only test three interest as opposed to being able to test five interest at 50.. So for the low budget we’re, going to say 50 a day times, seven so 350 of ad spend for the low budget.

Since you’re drop shipping, we’re, not going to include any product cost because you’re only going to be paying for the product from the money that you make from your customers uh. The next is the apps.

So for the apps we’re, going to include the most essential apps. We’re, not going to include any of the optional apps. You know you can add those on later and so uh for the most essential that’s, going to include your frequently asked questions app faq, a product review, app uh, which is going to be free for the frequently asked questions it’S about five dollars a month, email marketing, 30, a month sms bump 30 a month order tracking 5.

99 a month and all these apps by the way most of them come with free trials anyway. So it’s not like you have to start paying right away. It’s, going to be either between a week, two weeks or a month after the um after you install the app on your store, and that comes out to roughly about 50 to 70 a month.

Now next is going to be your influencers, so if we’re going to do it on the cheap for the low budget, basically you’re only reaching out to micro influencers, and so this is going to cost you. Basically, your unit cost of like the units that you’re, going to send out to the micro influencers so between 250 and 500 in units – and you’re, not paying for any influencer posts.

Remember we’re, doing it on the cheap uh, so that’s, that for influencers and then for photography. We’re, going to say that you’re, going to do it yourself, which is going to be free or you’re, going to pay 500 for the conference.

So for our low budget option that comes out to being between 750 and a thousand dollars.

Now you might think whoa that’s, low budget, that’s. You know that’s more expensive, and one thing i will say is that when it comes to e-commerce, when it comes to online business, i’m an obs guy, like i really strive on having the absolute best ecommerce content on youtube And on the internet, and as opposed to all these other youtubers that always talk about, oh, you can get started with 100 200.

Look honestly, like one app is going to cost you like the email marketing apps can cost you 30 bucks a month. You know sms bump is going to cost you probably 30 bucks a month. So i’m just being realistic.

I can lie like these other youtubers and say: oh 200, a month 300 hours a month um, you know just to get you to. Basically, maybe do coaching with me or set up for our courses, but honestly you know i want to give you the honest answer.

My mission is to have the best ecommerce content on youtube on the internet um you know, and so that’s. Why? I really want you to succeed. I want you to have the accurate information and don ‘ T worry.

If you don’t have even the 750 to a thousand dollars as long as you have the will there’s, always going to be a way. Okay, when i started, i didn’t have this, but i figured out a way to get the money.

Okay, so at least, if you have an accurate idea of how much you need well, then just figure out a way to get the money get a part-time job. Do something in the neighborhood. I did window cleaning. You know that helped me out so there you go that’s.

Why i want to give you the real, accurate numbers all right now for the median budget, let’s say for your sample. You’re, going to be able to order two units of samples so from two suppliers that’s, gonna be a hundred dollars for your domain.

Let’s just say it’s. Gon na cost. Fifty dollars facebook ads, let’s, say instead of seven days of facebook ads, we’re, just gonna put in 14 days of facebook ads. Then, of course you know you’re, making money that’s.

The point of facebook ads and you might not be making a lot of money you might just break even at the beginning, but um you know it’s not like you’re, just throwing out 350 or 700 right so for facebook, Guys it’s, going to be 50 a day 14 days that’s, going to come out to 700 for your apps.

We’re, going to include the essential apps, which we said it was going to be 70 a month and then we’re, going to include uh all the optional apps for this one. So the customer service portal so gorgeous that’s 60 a month the pre-order app is going to be 20 a month.

Lucky orange is going to be 10 a month. Gem page is going to be 29 a month. One click upsell 24.99, a month with 30 day free trial and sticky ad to cart, seven dollars a month tractor 5.99 a month. So next we’re gonna include an influencer marketing budget and for our medium budget we’re gonna, say a thousand dollars an influencer, so that’s.

Gon na allow you to uh basically reach out to a lot of micro influencers, send out units of your product and also maybe a few paid posts so that’s. Gon na be a thousand dollars and then for your photography.

It’s, going to work out to being approximately roughly between 1 500 and 2 000 without ordering any product units. Of course, if you’re drop shipping, you don’t need to order product units. If you want to do bulk orders, which is fine, it’s, going to allow you to get a logo and it’s going to allow you get faster shipping, then obviously that cost is going to go up and if you are Ordering product inventory we’re, going to bump that cost up to 2 500 to start successfully now for the high budget option uh.

Basically, you know we’re, just going to take the higher range of all the expenses that we said and we’re just going to give a range of between 2500 and 5 000. So, obviously, with a high budget, you can basically afford the best the best you can afford all the apps.

You know the best photos. You know everything everything like higher facebook ads budget. You just have more breathing room. Essentially, you don’t need to start with a high budget. Believe me, i’ve, seen people who start with high budgets with low budgets and it doesn’t correlate to success.

I myself started e-commerce with a low budget and i was able to turn it into a 32k a month income. This was back in uh 2017., that was in sales product sales. That was at roughly like a 45 profit margin, which is typical with e-commerce, 30 and 50 percent.

So there you go with a high budget, obviously twenty five hundred and five thousand dollars you can now basically afford um. You know anything that you need to get started and you have more breathing room now.

If you look at these numbers, they might seem much higher than all the other youtubers and, as i’ve discussed already that’s, because there’s, a lot of misleading information out there and uh. You know, like i said i want to have the best content.

I want to give you the no bs truth that’s. What i pray myself, oh, that’s. How i know the only way for my channel to grow is for me to share the reality with you um and honestly. It really hurts me when i see other youtubers out there that say that you can start with 200 when, like no, you can’t like your domain’s, gonna cost.

Like 20. You know 50 bucks like just you can’t. You know it’s, it’s, gonna be really difficult, so um. Just the one thing to remember is that you, don’t need to have that much money. It’s, important to have an accurate idea.

The adequate information which you do have now from watching this video um. But if you don’t have this money that’s! Fine, you know just set the goal. You know set yourself the goal of what you want to do for me.

My goal when i was starting with e-commerce was ten thousand dollars a month in sales uh within six months, and so i hit 32k a month in sales within three months. Okay, so as long as you set that goal 10k a month um for example, or 5k a month right, depending on what you’re comfortable with i like to go for the higher one so 10k a month if you live as if you’ve already achieved that goal.

If you live every single day and in your mind, like you already have a business, you already have an e-commerce store that’s. Making that much money you don’t have to worry about the. How just keep on moving you don’t have to have all the puzzle pieces in line.

Believe me, as long as you go down your own journey, everything will work out. Trust me. So that is the no bs truth on how much money you need to start a successful shop by business. Now, one more thing before you leave.

If you’ve been overwhelmed with a massive amount of information online, been watching all these youtubers and you don’t, really know where to start. You want to start. Maybe you have some money and you know you just want to get going.

You want to get this going for yourself and you want to achieve freedom as fast as you can and build up a successful store and own a successful business on shopify, then something that i would highly highly recommend is joining a reputable course.

So i myself, i actually am the owner of econ freedom and we have two of the best courses, one for amazon, one for shopify and the reason why i say best is because we’ve, been in business, almost the longest out of anybody else.

Since 2017, most of them have come and gone. We have changed the lives of thousands of people. We all. We are always updating our content. Uh, we’re, always rolling out updates to keep our content and our strategies.

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