I’m, going to show you an amazing way to find successful and profitable products. It’s super easy and it’s using a free tool that is actually created by ecom freedom

The reason why they created this tool is because there was nothing like this available and what was available was just broken. There were a few other tools like this: it’s, a chrome extension i’m, going to show you how to use it, and i’m, going to show you how i will be finding million dollar products uh literally In a matter of minutes all right, so this is the tool, so you’re going to need Google chrome! I’m, assuming that most of us here have google chrome. If you don’t well, you can just download it and then the link to this tool. It’s called ecom radar and, as you can see it’s by econfreedom, which is my company.

So we’ve actually just ran this tool through beta with our software team, so we’ve had like a thousand people use it, and we have great reviews so far.

It’s fully working. So what this does? Is it’s? Basically, the opposite of an ad blocker. So if you go on facebook uh what it’s going to do, is it’s, going to essentially just show us ads so ecommerce product ads instead of what most people usually do, which is you know they want to block ads While us as entrepreneurs, especially the e-commerce one of the best ways of finding million-dollar product ideas, is to basically just scroll through social media scroll through facebook, you know all these youtubers and all these gurus out there they talk about.

Oh, this product research technique is the best, and this is the best and use this tool, and all this stuff and honestly, i’ve, found every single one of my successful products on shopify, using this exact method, using this exact tool or a variation Of it before we actually created it, so ecom radar. i’m, going to show you how it works all right.

So now i’m on facebook and what you’re going to want to do is once you download the tool and you install it. You’re, going to click on the tool on the top right and then it’s going to ask you to register.

So you’re just going to create an account for free, so just go to register, fill out. Name and your email and then once you get that done, we’re, going to log in all right. So now i’m logged into e-com radar, and all you have to do is just click enable, and so once you click enable it’s actually going to start showing us ads.

Only on our facebook news feed. We can just put that away you. Can you know that it’s working because it has um, the logo is in green and if it’s off it’s, going to be in blue. So right now i’m. Getting a lot of you know different, like tai lopez type ads.

So if you’re, not getting a lot of ecommerce ads, what you want to do is you’re, going to want to click on the first ecommerce ad. You see so this one’s like wild alaskan seafood. Obviously we’re, not gonna start a wild alaskan seafood, shopify store, but uh just to get more product ads.

It might be best just go on the website and then just basically add it to the cart. Okay. So just click around on the website, and once you do that, uh you’re gonna be able to start seeing more ads as time goes on so okay, so we’ve got this lima thing here so lima. The ultimate supplement. Look and feel your best, so let’s open that up and our amazing software team really made sure that this tool is super fast and works and, as you can see it’s like extremely fast, extremely optimized, okay, so derma dry.

What’s? This hyper hydros is more common than you think, so, no more smelly, underarms, okay cool! So we ‘ Ll click on that. What’s this one here? So it looks like it’s and by the way, don’t be intimidated by a website that looks like it’s super nice. You know with shopify. You can really make a nice looking website, especially with plugins or something like gem pages, so don’t worry if the website looks like super nice, so this looks like a solution for excessive sweating.

So right away, you know, i know that okay uh products that stop sweating products that stop hyperhidrosis, obviously a big problem, so it looks like it’s, some kind of a kit that you basically wear every single day and then you get uh.

You know you get dry, armpits, okay, so let’s. Keep going this one knock out cold sores. In two days now i’ll. Show you another tool as well. So what you want to do is you want to actually download amazon alexa.

Basically, it will show us the website’s, rank around the world and also in the country that it’s in so you can pull it up here.

You can see on this website. This one is ranked 360 795 around the world and 85 000 in the us, and so with shopify, as opposed to amazon with shopify, you can’t, really tell exactly how much money a product is making or a website is making all.

You can really tell is whether a website is making any money or not making money. Okay, so it’s, basically like either it is or it’s not, and so, if you see a traffic rank, that’s, anything above you know or anything below 200 000 in the us, then likely it’s making money if it’s, anything above 200 000 it’s risky, and so we can see here that, yes, it is making money uh it’s, not like a super high ranked website like. Even if i go on, for example, broday.com, which is one of our brands, if we pull up the site rank on this page, okay, this one’s 37 000.. This one’s actually better than that one one of our brands here, which is a million dollar brand. At this point and growing every day, that’s, one way to tell so broday you know we are a million dollar plus brand and, as you can see, that’s.

What the rank is for that, okay, so luminance. What this is something about: cold, sores um: where is the product order? Now? Okay? So it’s, a red, cold sore treatment device, and so all these products you can find them on aliexpress alibaba.

So this one’s, 349 dollars great price point. So that’s, another product right there uh it could be a million dollar product. I mean if i go to alibaba and you don’t always have to use aliexpress with my brand the drop shipping strategy.

You can use alibaba strategy that i made, but everybody copied on youtube if i type in red, cold sore treatment device, so cold sore treatment device. Okay, so define a lot of different products, so there it is.

This one looks like it’s, the exact same thing, literally, the exact same thing: 119 to 159, a piece uh with a very small minimum order, and they’re selling it for 3.49. So that’s like a 50 margin right there right so boom.

Just that simple, i just found a potential million dollar product, another one, normatek leg, pulse okay, so this one looks like a holy crap, a thousand dollars uh. What does this? What does this do? Massage, okay, so like massage, very interesting so um yeah? You can also find this on aliexpress alibaba, and you know one thing that i always say is: when you’re looking for products, it’s, always best to think about like okay.

What kind of brand do i want to create? You’re, not just going to start selling this normal tech like pulse you’re, really creating a brand. You’re, really creating something that is going to have a product line and that you’re.

Going to be a face, you’re, going to stand behind it. You don’t have to make yourself public, although you know i recommend it, because obviously you want to sell high quality products uh, so that’s. The right way of thinking about it here’s, another one right here, instafloss, you know so i just found like several at least six figure: seven figure products in a matter of minutes, uh using this tool and it’s, absolutely free Grab it down below okay, instafloss, 10.

Second floss great looking website, i like it a lot, and what does this do? I’m assuming it’s like a water flosser? Okay, so it’s available on a pre-order, but anyway another great product power dot like meat.

Maybe you want to start a meat brand. You can do that on shopify as well. Best travel bag, the foil that’s. Actually, a really cool product, some kind of a home fitness rower and the list goes on and on and on amazing amazing product research method, actually, the best way to find a product and every single, successful product that i’ve sold on shopify.

You’re, not far away from building a successful shopify store and changing your life.

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