While Shopify’s default settings are great, there are a few things you can add and change to get the most out of your cool new store!

Let’s discuss it step by step. First, click the Settings button in the lower left corner of the control panel.

Screenshot showing Shopify settings
General Settings

Under your checkout settings, switch Customer accounts to “optional,” and customers can create an account but aren’t required to.

Screenshot showing Shopify customer accounts settings

Next to Form options, check “Require first and last name.”

Screenshot showing Shopify form options settings

Finally, Email marketing, I recommend checking “Preselect the sign-up option” to market to more of your customers.

Screenshot showing Shopify email marketing settings

Check out the remaining settings on this page and make sure they’re to your liking. If you’ve set up Google Analytics or your Facebook pixel, add your custom conversion code in the Additional scripts box. If you haven’t, there’s a video guide for doing this in the Preferences section of this post.

When you’re done, click Save.

Bonus Free Shopify Dropshipping Mastery Book!
Bonus Free Shopify Dropshipping Mastery Book!

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