Here are the five shopify tips hacks and tricks that you probably didn’t know that will help you increase sales and make your life that much easier on shopify.

The first tip is to do with one of your most important sections of your shopify store, the checkout page. Now, if you’ve ever sold anything online, you probably know that the checkout page is literally the arc nemesis of all e-commerce stores.

Why is that? Well? Because, on average, with e-commerce stores, seven out of ten people will not end up making the purchase through the checkout page. That is a lot of people, and i know many of us experience this, including myself, where we get a lot of add to cart but no actual sales and no clue why this actually happens to help remedy this on all shopify approved themes.

There’s, actually an option to include checkout nodes now checkout notes really helps to provide customers with ease of use to allow them to provide notes to you as a seller before they check out, and this provides trust and in doing so helps them Push them through the funnel to check out and best of all this is completely easy to implement without any shopify coding changes i’ll.

Show you how to do this. The first thing you’re going to do is head to online store. Then themes once you’re on this page, you’re, going to customize your current theme. Now this works on debut and a few other themes.

I believe it doesn’t work on simple and supply, so you have to do a test on your theme so, on your theme, click customize at the top click cart. Then from cart. You’re gonna head over to the left hand, side, click, cart page and you’ll, see in the settings part that you can click to enable cart, notes that that’s.

What we want and then click save and then you’ll, be able to see a add to note to your order section here. So it’s. Actually as simple as that, no custom coding required and you ‘ Ve got your notes section available, and this is something i would turn on regardless of whether or not you need it, because you never know when a customer might want to make a note with their order, and this just helps with conversion rates, with your shopify store.

Overall, the next feature is something that’s extremely useful for those who are just starting out and creating their new business online when starting a new ecommerce business. We all need legal documents, such as general terms and conditions, return policies and shipping policies.

Now these documents, when starting out, can set you back anywhere between a thousand to three thousand dollars per document. They are needed in the long term. However, you know most people don’t have these types of funds when they’re just starting out.

The good news is shopify comes to the rescue, with free integrated templates in the back end of shopify. So we’re. Going to start in the settings page under settings, you can see here there’s, a legal option.

You’ll, see the refund policy privacy policy terms of service and shipping policy. Now you can actually create from a template, and this is what i recommend when you’re. First, starting out, click create template and you ‘

Ll see the exact template here and, of course, you need to update the template to make sure that it fits with your current store. You can do the exact same thing for all the templates here and it’s as simple as that.

By the way, i’ll jump in here and add that a common question that i’ve got over the years is why isn’t there, a custom policy or template for shipping policies. Now that’s, because shipping policies just widely vary way too much to provide a template for, and it differs from country to country, with different shipping laws etc.

For those drop shipping on shopify, i’ve, provided a full epacket template shipping terms and faq template that you can easily plug and play in my mastery program. So go check that out. The next shopify tip, hack and trick is an absolute doozy and my personal favorite way to find products, spy in stores and get marketing ideas, so shopify actually hosts a platform called shopify exchange, and this is a place where you’re able to list Your own shopify store or drop shipping store onto an exchange marketplace for others to see to be able to buy your store.

I find the shopify exchange marketplace to be frankly, a superpower, because you get loads of information on both drop shipping and e-commerce stores, including information like how much revenue they make the products that they sell.

Even the expenses head on to the main shopify page and scroll all the way down and underneath supports you’ll, see websites for sale click onto it. Then you head on to shopify exchange marketplace. This is the place where you ‘

Ll find all the listings and you can see all sorts of stores, click on browse all stores and you’ll, see all these different parameters. Now you can sort through price revenue, business type and industry.

I find that a lot of these stores are actually drop. Shipping stores, so i don’t really bother with business type, although i do niche down via industry and, of course, revenue. So let’s. Take a look at two thousand five.

Two thousand five hundred dollars all the way to fifteen thousand dollars, plus in monthly revenue and let’s, go into industry, for example, and let’s, click onto fashion apparel and then you’ll, be able to see all Sorts of different stores, so you can see here that if we take a look at this, the this store is making 7900 in revenue per month and they’re.

Getting twelve thousand uh unique users per month and their profit margin, as is at a very high, sixty percent, so the average profit per month is five thousand seven hundred with 381 sales per month.

Now this is shopify verified, uh data, so you can’t sort of spoof this and they even list out expenses here. So this is a great way to find products find stores and even find marketing strategies. It’s, also a great way to exit your business.

So say you want to pack up shop. You’ve made your profit through drop shipping or an e-commerce store, and you want to sell your store well. Shopify exchange is a great place to sell your store and make a profit and big payday off that and that’s.

Just another perk of being in e-commerce, you’re, not only creating profit on the daily, but also creating an asset, a store that you can potentially sell later down the track now. The fourth tip and trick now is related to seo search engine optimization, and it has to do with shopify and being able to use shopify as a blog as well under online store.

You’ll, see blog posts, go ahead and click that then you’ll, be met with this page, where you can start to blog and make sure that you start including blog posts before you move to the next step. The next step is head on to your navigation under again online store, and then you want to edit your menu items so under menu items.

Click edit and add a menu item, call it blog and link it out directly to your blogs. Then you have your blog post and of course, you can get more uh professional. You get creative. You can turn your blog area into a full-blown professional, looking blog with shopify blog templates.

You can start to look like this, for example. So if you click blog up here, you’ll, be able to see that this is a full-blown blog template here, and this is when it starts, get really fun and you can create a full-on blog website within your shopify store.

This is another example of that, where you can indeed create full blog posts that look quite fancy within your store, so that’s. How you can do it if you’re game enough to change the blog.liquid template, which is basically the shopify coding code coding language? You can start to really play around now.

I hope you’ve, been following on, because there’s. A lot to take in, and the next shopify tip, hack and trick is actually an advanced alternative to oblo called top dslr. Everyone who knows oberlo knows that it goes hand in hand with shopify and drop shipping.

However, when your store starts to scale top desr is the holy grail app to help you increase sales and scale your store? We’re on the dashboard and i ‘ Ll run you through a number of unique features that sets top dslr apart from oberlo.

Now the first one is. They have an integrated niche spy tool here and you can see let’s. Click onto this specific product. You can see that they clean up the description and that they have details like you know: potential profit margins.

They have the direct facebook ad. That is relevant too and then potential targeting in interests. So if you click view facebook ads, you can see an example of a facebook ad that is running for this product and one that is typically usually working.

Well, as you can see here, there’s, a lot of engagement with this particular ad, so that’s, an example of the spy tool that you’re able to use in top dslr and let’s. Click add to import list once you’ve imported it.

It looks a lot like oblo. However, there is a big function that is very unique and sets top diesel apart and is important to those of you who are currently scaling the store or have more than let’s, say 10 20 orders a day really so what you’re going to do is, if you click all shopping orders once you receive a few orders.

The difference here is top dslr uses, aliexpress’s official api, which is obviously the fastest and most optimized integration, and therefore, for that reason you can click, select all and click order products, and it will fulfill every single order very quickly.

We’re, talking 100 plus products fulfilled and ordered within a minute, so that is obviously a big time saver and will save you a lot of money and time it’s also worth mentioning for those of you who are with the Oblo ecosystem, you can actually still use top dslr there’s, cross compatibility functions here so say.

For example, you’re with oberlo, and you’re, currently scaling your store. You’re, getting a lot of orders coming through and you still want to use the top dslr function where you’re able to manage a lot of orders quickly and order those products really quickly.

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