You’ve, probably seen it before some people getting out of this world results from their Facebook ads, while others are struggling just to break even maybe even been there yourself, which is why, we’re covering how to improve Your Facebook ads, so you can get more clicks, leads and sales.

Let’s, talk Facebook ads and specifically how you can improve and optimize them. So you can increase your click-through rate, lower your cost per thousand and increase your return on investment, and it all starts with step number one strategy, all right.

So to get us started the best way to optimize and to improve your Facebook Ads is to begin with a solid and foundational strategy in place. What this means is clearly mapping out the entire process from click all the way up to sale, so that you know exactly what’s going to happen to get that lead and turn them into a customer.

When really what the priority should be on is on that strategy, because in the end, that is what’s, going to end up connecting and converting those leads into those customers. So what I mean when it comes to strategy is that you need to understand exactly who it is you’re trying to reach once you reach them? What do you want them to do, of course, be really clear and specific about where you want them to go? And lastly, what are you going to do if they don’t take action or if they only take partial action, and what I’m, referring to here, of course, is a retargeting strategy.

So my advice here in the most important thing that I can offer is to figure out your strategy before you even put a single dollar into the campaign map. It out plan it out, and your campaign will do significantly better than if you just ignored this step or just kind of flew by the seat of your pants.

Also, one final tip when it comes to strategy is that you want to be direct, and you want to let Facebook know right away and right upfront exactly what you’re trying to achieve. So if your goal is to get more clicks to your website, that’s, totally cool just make sure that you’re selecting traffic, and if your goal is to get more conversions.

Well then, obviously, you’re gonna want to choose the conversion objective, and if your goal is video views that obviously go for video views, it doesn’t make sense here to try and game the system when Facebook really does have Your best interest at heart, all right so now that we’ve got that covered.

We’ve mapped our strategy. It’s time to move into the next phase, which is to really clearly identify your ideal customer avatar or that person that you’re trying to reach with your Facebook Ads what you’re trying to do when you Create your avatar is create a crystal clear image of exactly what you’re trying to reach, including things like demographic or Geographic or psychographic, details now the demographic details, those are the obvious ones like their age or gender, or income or occupation.

Things like that, the geographic details well kind of obvious as well. That would be things like their city or their state or their province or country where they live. But the psychographic details that’s where things start to get fun, because this is where you get to deep dive into the psyche of your ideal customer and start to try to uncover their attitudes and their interests and their behaviors and things they may Follow or read or activities they enjoy or hobbies, or things like that now, the beauty of spending the time and really fleshing out this ideal customer avatar is that your targeting is going to become so much more effective.

Your costs are going to decrease and your click-through rates and your return on investment will have no other choice than to increase simply because you’re, going to be able to get in front of more of the right people for far less money.

All right, moving right along the next step is the Hoffer. Now when it comes to the offer, this part is actually going to sound, pretty simple, but you’d. Be amazed how many people get this wrong. So when you’re, making your offer when you’re, creating your Facebook ad make sure that what you’re offering is something that people actually want.

Not something you think is cool, not something you think they think is cool, but something they actually want. So how do you figure out what they want? Well, if you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably already know what services or products you sell that resonate best with your customers, but also don’t, be afraid to ask.

After all, business is a conversation and it is okay to survey your clients or to give them a call and simply have a chat and figure out what their needs are, what problems they have and how you’re best equipped to solve them.

Now the beauty of Facebook has, of course, compared to all sorts of other traditional media. Is that if the audience isn’t resonating with your offer? Well, you’re gonna find out pretty quick because they’re.

Simply not going to be clicking and not gonna be taking action on any of your ads now. I know this step sounds simple, but it is incredibly profound because the best Facebook ad in the world can’t sell something that nobody wants, or it doesn’t think they need alright, and that’s.

Gon na lead us nicely into the next part about how to improve your Facebook Ads with messaging. Now, as an advertising agency owner, I can’t even begin to tell you just how important getting the right message is.

So my advice here is to spend way more time. Writing the perfect ad message. Then you think you need to I’m, not talking minutes. I’m talking hours and maybe even hours in a day, letting it sit overnight and then coming back to it.

The day after also don’t be afraid to run it by some friends or some colleagues or some potential customers to get their feedback on it as well. And when it comes to the messaging well, the same thing is going to apply to the image or, if you decide to use a video, then to the video as well spend a lot of time.

Picking out the perfect image, because the right image can tell a lot of the story and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. That might fill in the blanks of your message. And, of course, even though I’m advising here to spend a ton of time, writing the perfect message and finding the perfect image or making the perfect video, it still makes sense to test and test and test some more because, in the end, the Market doesn’t lie and they’re gonna decide.

What message best resonates with them, and, like I mentioned before the beauty of Facebook ads, is that you’re, able to get feedback really quick, so start looking for leading indicators on your Facebook message and image and the whole ad combination, things like likes Comments or shares or any feedback you’re, getting like that.

This will help to guide you in the right direction and make sure that the message that you put out there is the right one for the audience all right. So we’ve made it through the really important and bulky stuff, the stuff that’s really gonna help to improve your Facebook Ads.

Well, you’ve made it this far. So now it’s. Time for some of the fun stuff, the tactics now, the reason we waited right to the end to get to the tactics is because none of these matter, if you don’t, get all the previous steps right so spend the vast majority of your Time, probably 80 % of your time, dedicated to the previous steps that we talked about and then focus this last 20 % of your time on the things hear things like placements, whether you’re gonna test, the desktop newsfeed or mobile, newsfeed or Instagram or messenger ads testing, different conversion objectives like traffic or conversion or video views or engagement, testing, different bidding options like automatic or manual.

Obviously you’re gonna want to leverage all of the audience’s. The Facebook makes available to you, including custom audiences and look-alike audiences, aside from just the usual interest-based audiences and, of course, all the other bells and whistles that facebook gives you to play with.

Creating successful and high converting Facebook ads isn’t about one thing: rather it’s about all these sorts of little things that add up to create high-performing ad. That gets you more clicks, more leaves and more sales.

Take your business and your marketing to the next level and way beyond that.

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