If you want to show Aliexpress items, reviews or advertisements on the web site, think about collaborating with Aliexpress API. In this post, you will find some useful pointers on how to get an API secret, some Aliexpress API and also combination examples.

What is Aliexpress API

This is a programs interface that allows automating a number of eCommerce procedures, including the product details function straight from the AliExpress platform, its magazine on a website, as well as the management of orders.

How to get Aliexpress API key

AliExpress gives main accessibility to its information through Internet API to the store owners on the platform. Although so as to get API vital from Aliexpress site, you have to use very first explaining your service demands and also prospective API integration purposes.

  • Step 1 – Create your seller’s account

    Go to the Aliexpress Seller Center and registrate your shop account there. If you already have one, go straight to Step 2.

    Become Aliexpress seller
    Choose your country from a drop-down menu and press Continue. Note that there are only 6 countries available: China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey and France.

    Then fill in the form and don’t forget to read Aliexpress Membership Agreement and  tick the box.

    Create Aliexpress Seller's account

    Then you’ll be sent a verification code at the email address. Enter it into the following popup

    Verify Aliexpress seller account
  • Step 2 – Create a developer account

    Go to the Aliexpress developers portal and enter the Developers Console.

    Aliexpress developers portal

    Log in with your Seller’s account credentials

    Sign in to developers console

    Once you get into your developer account, you’ll have to read and sign the Open Platform Agreement. Scroll the page to the bottom and click Agree

    Aliexpress developers agreement
  • Step 3 – Submit the application

    Enter your developer’s information in the following form

    Submit Aliexpress developer information
    Choose your country phone code in the drop-down menu, enter the 10-digit phone number without spaces and click Get Check Code. After that enter the remaining information and submit the form.
  • Step 4 – Apply for an application

    On the Console main page choose App Management tab click Create App

    Create Aliexpress App

    In the App Type tab choose Self Developer option and press Click to Apply

    Aliexpress developer API

    Then you have to fill in the form with your company information.

    Aliexpress API application form

    Here’s what information you must to fill in:

    Field Information Example
    Contact name The full name of your organization. It must match the one for which your seller’s account was registered. Company LLC
    Contact mobile number The contact phone number of the IT specialist responsible for developing your integration. +1(111)1111111
    E-mail Email address of your employee responsible for the integration test@company.com
    Your AliExpress store address Link to your store on the platform https://aliexpress.com/store/1111111
    Software name The name of your application. Not visible for buyers. It is necessary for identification in the AliExpress developer list. Test Shop API
    Software function What do you need an API connector for. Receive information about orders, transmit tracking numbers.

    After that click the Information Sent switch. You’ll see the popup claiming that your materials were submitted efficiently, if you fill in every area right.

    This indicates that the Aliexpress group has received your application as well as will refine it within 1-2 company days. The choice will be sent out to the e-mail address you have actually offered during the designer account creation procedure.

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